The (big) benefits of blogging for your business

20 billion unique pages (yep, BILLION!) are viewed on WordPress websites every month. Still wondering why blogging can be such a huge win for your business? Let us explain.

If you’ve spoken to us about SEO – you’ll probably know that content is key to success. The more you’ve got, the better.

You can’t, however, just fill your website with irrelevant, non-descript content that nobody wants to read. Google is cracking down on the relevance of content, as well as ensuring customers are shown the most valuable content when they search.

Blogging is a fantastic way to create content for your website, and it gives you benefits way beyond simply SEO. Our clients are seeing transformative changes to the way people use their websites – all because of their blog content.

So – let’s explain what you win by blogging.

Building authority within your industry

You might know you’re the best at what you do – but does your ideal customer? If not, then you need to start telling them. And keep telling them.

By writing regularly, you’re able to showcase the skillset of your team and provide insights they won’t be able to find elsewhere. Blogging for your business will provide an opportunity to chat about your industry, your experience and why they need you, without it feeling like a sales message.

Also, it’s great for social media. It gives you multiple pieces of content to repurpose, cut up and re-use for months after you initially post the blog piece.

Targeting specific niches

Servicing specific niches as a business is a great way to solidify your market position, and writing tailored blogs for your niche, with associated keywords you’re targeting, has some serious value.

For example, we are the best web designers in Southampton. Or at least, that’s what our customers say. But what if we had a blog that was specifically optimised to talk to existing customers, new customers or maybe website design for accountants – this allows for tailored content that reaches out more directly to a certain market.

Over time, you can create more blog content for specific niches that will allow you to target more traffic and offer that traffic-tailored messaging to increase conversions.

Generating more traffic and conversions

Speaking of traffic – that’s an integral part of why most companies blog. By creating information-heavy and value-rich content, they’re able to target specific keywords, bring more searchers to their website and ultimately grow their business as a result.

As we wrote in a blog last year, SEO blogging means you’re writing and optimising content for people who are specifically looking for your products or services. They have a high level of intent, meaning they’ll need little convincing of your actual service – you just need to tell them why you’re the answer they’re looking for.

For tips on what your searchers are asking, you can use tools like Answer The Public or Also Asked.

Showcasing and cementing your brand

You’ve worked hard on your brand. Blogging for your business is just another way to show that off. It gives people an insight into who you are and what you’re all about.

This goes down to your TOV (tone of voice), visual brand identity (design of the blog) and your call to action (how you’re trying to create conversions).

Ultimately – alongside new traffic – blogs offer your audience insight. You can not online provide macro content that will make their lives better and offer expertise, but also deliver updates on your team and your progression as a business. Bring people along for the journey and they’re more likely to buy into your brand.

Not sure where to go next?

You’ve read this blog, and understand that blogging can bring massive benefits for your business online. But do you have the time to blog? Do you have ideas for content? Maybe you just want a little bit more information before you dive in.

Whether it’s for an existing brand or a completely new one, we’re here to help you blog effectively and reap all the rewards from doing so. Talk to us now.

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