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When we host your website, we want to make it as secure, fast and reliable as possible. We’ve got over 400 websites on our servers that benefit from ultra-fast hosting that can handle high-traffic loads from all over the globe. Prices start from £25/month, and this package is suitable for 90% of the websites we build. We also include 30 minutes of WordPress support each and every month, at no extra cost.

Daily Backups

The safety net that we all need, so we can always fix your site from an earlier backup.

Lightning Fast UK Hosting

Based in a leading data centre in London, our servers keep your website fast and online.

Managed Updates

Our team keep your pages fast and secure by applying all updates whenever available.

SSL Certificates

Renewed automatically every month, these help your visitors know your site is safe.

In-House Support

30 minutes of support from our in-house experts, every month.

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