Using a web design agency – it’s a no brainer

You’ve been thinking about a new website. Do you go it alone?

We’d say that’s a bad idea. Of course, we’re going to suggest you work with an agency. But there’s a LOT of reasons to do so.

Here’s just a few.

When you’re building a website, it might be tempting to consider doing it yourself. After all, the Squarespace adverts make it look so easy. Build it, they come and you sail off into the sunset with your millions.

Errr – not quite…

Now, obviously, we’re going to suggest that you use a web design agency. In Southampton, Freestyle is almost CERTAINLY the best choice. But again, you probably knew that was coming.

When you’re in the market for a new website, there’s a lot to consider. We’re going to tell you why you should say adios to the DIY idea and bonjour to a better one – working with a professional web design agency.

We plan and build every website from scratch

That’s right. Every single website (and that’s over 500, now) that we’ve built has come from scratch. Building from the ground up allows us to create fully bespoke, custom sites that have every feature a client requires.

Where we control what is necessary on the site, our WordPress-hosted websites are also lightning fast and optimised for SEO. Using our own method of development in the back end, you’re guaranteed a site that is fully responsible for desktop, tablet and mobile and without bloatware (often found in drag and drop builders) or unnecessary plugins.

When you sit down with us, we will discuss design, functionality, brand and UX to design and build a site that is truly unique and optimised for your audience.

You’re avoiding the costly pitfalls of DIY sites

If you’ve been suckered in by Wix or GoDaddy, you’re not alone. Whilst their deals may seem fantastic to start with, they quickly become money pits that leave you with sub-standard websites that are costing you A LOT of money. When you want a change, it will take ages to get through to someone and will likely not end with the result you’ve hoped for.

On the flip side, our clients get 30 mins free support every month with our team, to get any small changes made (including new copy or images) and solve any problems you may be encountering. That’s what real support looks like.

When you’re working with a web design agency, it may seem like a large initial outlay compared to the DIY sites. But rest assured, our prices are built to ensure you get the best service from a talented, experienced team – without any unexpected bills or invoices in the months that pass after the build.

We build for the future – not just the moment

You can spot an old website a mile off. When you’re using a template or a pre-built site, they age very quickly. Things will start appearing in the wrong places and it may become slower to load your site. Whilst retrofitting and fixing these issues is viable for a while, in the long run, it will likely become too big a problem to ignore. That’s where a bespoke built site earns its money.

Our websites are built to last for many years, regularly updated with software and security updates from the back end automatically by our team.

Every website has an expiry date. And if you’ve had an existing website for a few years, you might be thinking it’s time for a new one. Whether you want to replace your existing template site or think your old bespoke site is in need of a refresh, we’d love to chat to you.

It’s so much more than just a website

Your brand spanking new website is only just the start. We boast a team of specialists within our Southampton office that can help make the most of your marketing alongside your new digital shopfront.

There’s more to marketing than just a website, but it’s the most important thing to get sorted before anything else.

Whether you’re looking for ongoing SEO, social media marketing or PPC campaigns – we can handle it all. Because we’ve built your website, your main hub for digital marketing campaigns, we are better suited than anyone to manage the marketing assets that feed into it.

Convinced? We thought you might be

We consider ourselves to be Southampton’s tip-top web design company. Why? We’re very transparent about how our process functions, and you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having everything explained to you with honesty, clarity and patience.

Importantly – we’ve been here and done it over 500 times. That’s quite a lot – and it means we’ve got the experience to get your project turned around on time, on budget and going over and above your expectations.

Ready to chat with us? Book a call now. Like, right now.

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