World leading animal rescue training

We were thrilled when BARTA (the British Animal Trauma Care Association) asked us to sort their website.  These guys lead the way in training fire service, vets and all emergency services where large animals need safe rescue from a huge range of common incidents.  The BARTA team are so pleased with our work creating a modern, informative and striking website that they’re looking to filter down our cost-effective ideas across other areas of the business.

“Amazing work by Freestyle. Their great development team supported us throughout the build process and beyond. We had a poor web presence and needed modernisation when Jack and his team came on board. We look at what we have now, the feedback we’re getting and we’re so proud of our website. We’re now looking to modernise our communications, shop and media libraries based on the brilliant cost-effective ideas and options the Freestyle team have suggested.”  Neil Rae, BARTA

Take a look for yourself:

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