GDPR ready? You’ve got a month from today to sort it!

Get compliant – GDPR launches 25th May 2018

The countdown starts here…

Sort it

The deadline’s fast approaching and if you haven’t already updated your privacy policy and made sure you’re fully compliant with the new regs, now’s the time to sort it.

The easy bit

Just send us your updated privacy policy, we’ll pop a link to it on your website so it’s easy for customers to find.  It’s got to be crystal clear to visitors what their data’s being used for, so easy to find ‘opt-in’ boxes for collecting data are a must!

We just add a tick box, so they can acknowledge acceptance of your privacy policy before they even get to your contact form.

The legal bit is for legal experts

Here at Freestyle we don’t hold third party data and we don’t write privacy policies, but we do recommend our clients speak to one of those clever chaps over at

They really know their onions, helping clients get GDPR compliant (in plain English!) and offer a Data Protection Health Check to make sure you and your business are ready come 25th May 2018.

The fines for non-compliance are whopping too so don’t leave it ‘til the last minute.

Give us a call on 023 80 000212 and we’ll get your website GDPR ready!