Essential social media tips for small businesses

5 tips for social media stardom? Oh, go on then…

As more businesses are embracing social media, it’s becoming an integral part of digital marketing strategies, no matter what industry you’re a part of.

But we know how it is. Sometimes it’s hard to know what to do, how to do it and whether you’re hitting the mark with your content.

With that in mind, here are five quick tips that are going to set you on a course to a more successful social media channel for your business.

Post more regularly

This is an obvious one. Whilst many people are struggling for time (read tip #5!), social media can often be forgotten about. But if you want it to work, and the platforms (FB, IG and LI) to love you – you’re going to need to be a bit more consistent.

We’d recommend posting either 2 or 3 times a week for most businesses. The more you can post, the better – with one caveat…

Some platforms will actually limit the reach of your posts if they’re deemed to be low quality or you’re simply reusing content again and again. So, yes, there IS such a thing as posting too much.

Make every post look the part

One way to avoid low-quality content getting limited? Don’t make it! Keep every post on brand according to your brand guidelines, and make sure you’re representing your company in the best light possible with every post.

Alongside looking great, stick to a consistent tone of voice and try and present your brand identity within every post. When your posts look like they’re coming from all over the place and written by 5 different people, it’s going to diminish the value people feel by following you.

Engage and become part of the conversation

If your audience is talking to you, talk back. There are countless examples of huge brands that communicate with personality and show their funny side. This generates a more positive brand image and helps you build longer-lasting relationships with your customers and wider audience.

You can even communicate with other businesses within your industry, share insights and invite conversation. By doing so, you’re reaching out, extending your network and showing you’re social media savvy all at the same time.

Post a mixture of content

NOTE: We’ve tried to cut down on the dog pics, but sometimes we can’t resist.

A mixture of content across your platforms helps customers know what to expect, without it becoming formulaic. For example, if you’re going to post 5 times in a month, try and split it into categories. A sales post, a fun post, something entertaining and a couple of posts that offer free value to the audience.

By doing this, you’re keeping things fresh and also making it MUCH more palatable to follow your page. Sales posts every day are going to make your unfollows go through the roof – and they’re often hard to win back!

Try a scheduling tool to help your workflow

Manual posting can feel like a bit of a chore. Creating a more positive and simple workflow for your social media will not only save time but potentially your sanity too.

A scheduling tool means you could spend a few hours every month writing content and then schedule it to go out over the next month without any manual posting.

We’d recommend giving Hootsuite, Buffer and Sendible a Google, and seeing what suits your needs.

What we can do to help

Know you should be posting more on social media? Great! Struggling for time? Not great.

Freestyle provides social media management that guarantees a fresh cocktail of tailored content going live across your platforms each and every month. All we need is 15 mins per month to make it happen. Want to know more? Get in touch to hear about our social media packages.

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