Protecting your brand image in the world of social media

One bad review can turn away new customers. It’s getting harder to keep on top of your brand image in the digital world – but we’ve got some ways to help make it simpler.

How many times have you visited a Facebook page of a restaurant or hotel? Just as you’re about to make a booking, you want to know what everyone else is saying. Is it good value for money? Is the food out of this world?

You find a bad review. Immediately you’re wondering whether you’re going to make the booking. Do you risk it and hope it’s got better since that review? Or maybe it’s got even worse.

This is a process that thousands of people a day go through – and they’re doing it for your business too. In a world led by digital communication, it’s SO important that your brand image is well presented online and there’s nothing turning your customers away before they’ve had a chance to try out your product or service.

What do we mean by brand image?

Brand image, put simply, is the presentation of your organisation in the public domain. So, not just the faces of the people in your business, but the general ‘feeling’ surrounding your business.

This is collated through good reviews, bad reviews, customer experiences and success stories from the work you’ve done since you started trading.

How can your brand image be affected online?

With the rise of social media, it’s become much easier for people to share their opinions about your business. When the good reviews are rolling in, this probably feels great. But then a bad one arrives – and all of a sudden social media doesn’t seem like such a good thing anymore.

If you’re responding in a negative or confrontational way to customers, they’re not going to like it. And if they’re sharing that conversation or experience with other people, that’s doubly bad news.

On the flip side, good news travels fast too. A great review from a recent customer can be repurposed to create content for social media, your website or for use within your next advertising campaign. So the positive effects of a digital brand can be huge.

But, we’ve got one important point to remember – a bad customer experience from 10 years ago may still be negatively affecting your stock amongst their circles. You can never be too careful and you should go to every length to keep your customers happy.

Quick tips to counter negative brand image

If you use Trustpilot or Google reviews, respond to negative reviews in a constructive manner. Other customers will see this and, if it’s one bad review amongst a load of good ones, they’ll be more inclined to look past it. If you’re getting angry and blaming the customer – that will negatively affect your stock.

Within your social media channels, you should encourage feedback and post great content that shows your customers enjoying your products or services. By creating a more positive image consistently, you’ll benefit from increased engagement and more business.

Finally, with a bad logo or website, you’re probably turning away potential new customers. A modern logo and fast, bespoke website will help draw customers in and convince them you’re the right business for them. We can help with your brand design and website too – we’re pretty good at all that stuff.

Want our help taking care of your brand image?

You never know – one bad review or poor PR exercise could be costing your business a LOT of money.

Ensuring your digital presence is positive and you’re providing value to your audience helps make the most of your website and social media, keeping your customers interested and your visitors calling.

We’re here to help. From blogging, social media and review management via GMB and Trustpilot, we can make sure you’re presenting your business in the best light possible online.

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