Five things customers demand from your website

Websites are great at bringing in new customers, but having a catchy domain name and colourful branding isn’t enough. Here are 5 key elements that every successful website needs to make an impact.

Most businesses have a good level of web traffic, especially if someone like us has built their site (shameless self-plug). But that’s only half of the job.

You’ve not got a lot of time to impress a new web visitor. It’s a matter of seconds, depending on who you ask.

When they land on your page, you’ll need to quickly grab their attention and hold it. There are plenty of ways to do this – and they don’t all involve having whacky pictures or gimmicks.

We’ve laid out five key elements that a website simply needs to have in order to convert more customers.

Content that’s engaging and valuable

Imagine what your customers want to hear and then tell them. It really is that simple. Too often people overthink what’s going on on their website, through fear that giving away advice for free will reduce the value of your service.

Instead – it’ll help build trust, and trust builds sales. More often than not, visitors aren’t going to start doing their own accounts because you’ve given them a tip. More likely, they’ll decide you clearly know what you’re talking about and enquire about your services.

Keep it simple, keep it helpful and keep it focused around them, not you.

Customer stories

Showing customers what they’re missing is important. If you’ve got some amazing testimonials from your clients, they NEED to be on your website.

Whether it’s just a few, or a collection – their story needs to be told. Like on our website, we build testimonials into a more personalised story that tells what the customer needed, how we did it and what they had to say about it.

When a success story resonates with a visitor, they’re going to keep reading. And if they want the same results? They’ll be in touch.

REALLY easy contact options

The contact button shouldn’t be hidden at the bottom of your site. It should take pride of place and give your customers an option to get in touch no matter what part of your site they’re reading.

Because of this, we encourage our customers to integrate a Messenger bot, WhatsApp messenger bot or ‘call’ button that floats on their site or is easily accessible at all times. It is often the difference between someone considering inquiring and them actually inquiring.

Creating content that engages and invites conversations is only effective if your customers reach out to have the conversations. So you should make it easy as possible for them to do so.

Your brand and your people

Sometimes people don’t want to have their team on the website. And we get that.

But consider the buying process from your own perspective. You hear about a company, check them out online. They’re local, trading and seem all good. But you’re still not convinced. There are no pictures of anyone that works for the company, just a website that looks impersonal.

Adding a bit of personality and showing off your team is a great way to help people understand your company and values before they’ve spoken to you. Building a little bit of trust before they reach for the phone is invaluable – so get snapping.

Fast and easy to use

User experience is key. Website not loading? Buttons not working? Phone number nowhere to be seen? You’re missing out on customers.

Having a simple interface that’s easy to use is essential in giving your visitors a pleasant experience of your company before they’ve even worked with you. Make the conversion easier by giving them everything they need in an easy to use format.

As we said, you’ve got a limited amount of time to get their attention. You definitely don’t want to waste that time having your homepage load or have them getting lost in huge, endless menus.

Think it’s your time to shine online?

We’ve offered some advice. Any web developer should be able to help you implement these changes to your existing site and ensure you’re making the most of your online presence.

But if you’re ready for a new website and want our help to make something tip-top that your competitors will be whispering about, then you probably want to talk to us.

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