Our favourite social media management tool, and why we love it

Did you know that you don’t HAVE to sit on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram and post manually? With the help of a scheduling tool, you can take back time in your day.

We’ve all been there. It’s time to post the next social media update on your company page, or your personal profile. But you’re in the middle of something much more important – can’t it wait?

Before you know it, a whole week has passed and you’re missing out entirely on posting. Your audience are waiting to hear from you, itching to discover the latest insight.

Fortunately, there’s a way that means you can do your social media chores when you want to, not when you have to. Scheduling tools can help make social media more manageable and require less human input, without sacrificing on the quality of your posts.

The agency social media management tool we use

Our pick of the bunch is Buffer. This feature rich software is a beauty – it’s simple to use and optimised to help you get the most out of your posting, no matter what platform you’re focused on.

When we’re managing social media accounts for many clients, it would be crazy to sit and manually post to each account every day. By using a scheduling tool, we increase efficiency, post content quality and reduce the risk of any post errors ocurring.

Why we love using it

See your entire schedule in once place

You can view all your scheduled posts in calendar view, giving you a complete picture on your social strategy across all channels. You can assess the effectiveness of certain post types and ensure you’re investing your time in the right content.

Manage multiple accounts with ease

If you’re managing a LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram page – you may want to spread your posts across multiple channels and repurpose them. Whilst you can post to as many channels as you’d like, you can also create individual versions of your posts that are optimised for each channel, including with extra hashtags or removed hashtags.

Buffer extension for Chrome

When reading a blog, you might feel like your audience want to hear about it. With the buffer extension, you can share to your channels within seconds. This means more content, and more quality content means more engagement. Well done, you.


For social media graphics, we love using Canva. And we can directly create content within Buffer thanks to its Canva integration. It has saved plenty of time for our team and can help make beautiful branded graphics in shorter timeframes.

Alternatives you could try

There’s a whole world of social media management tools out there – and they’ve come a LONG way since people started using TweetDeck back in the early teenies.

Sendible is a great solution that we used for a long time before switching to Buffer. It offers a wide array of features, including the ‘optimal time’ posting feature, choosing the best time for you to post.

Another option is SproutSocial, which is loved within the industry but costs a great deal more than its competition.

Alternatively, you can let us take care of all of your social media worries and leave the copy, graphics and scheduling to our team.

Hate doing social media posts? You’re not alone

At best, it can feel like an inconvenience. At worst, it feels like you’re missing out on valuable working hours as you slave over the keyboard wondering what to write next.

Removing that stress is simple, and it might be more cost-efficient than you think. Wanna chat about social? Talk to our team.

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