Occupational Health Consultancy

The team at Occupational Health Consultancy loved how we do everything in-house, including branding, copywriting and design.


Generating queries

The new website is professional, slick and easy to navigate. Within just 30 minutes of the website launch, the team received its first organic web enquiry in weeks.

Freestyle track record

Over the years, we have built up a fantastic reputation in the industry. The team at Occupational Health came to us through a recommendation.

 The result

An easily-updatable website that works seamlessly across mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

In the client’s words…

“Freestyle has been really easy to deal with from the start of our project. They have delivered our brief on time and in a way which we had described from the outset, and under tight time pressures. They have been responsive and accommodating and have listened to our opinions.

I can highly recommend Freestyle and the end result is proof of the good job they have done.”