The good, the bad and the ugly – what your website says about you

Your website says an awful lot about you. Are you providing the right message?

Your website is your digital shopfront. Open all hours, taking orders, answering questions and generating leads. It’s pretty important, right?

Many people think it’s as simple as setting up a preset website, adding a logo and a phone number and waiting for the leads to roll in. If only. Whilst it’s great to have a top of the range, flashy new website – it’s most important that it is suited to your business and built for your needs.

How many times have you visited a website and judged a company based on what you’ve found? We’d wager quite a few. This is why your website needs to showcase your brand accurately.

We’ve compiled a list of website quirks we encounter, both positive and negative, and how they can affect the public opinion of your business.

An outdated, malfunctioning site

We get it. Sometimes there are other things to prioritise, or maybe you’re far too busy to sit and worry about a new website. But this is your digital shopfront. Would you open your shop on the high street every morning with a rickety old sign out front and a smashed glass door panel?

What it says about you
It indicates that you’re not too fussed about being online. It’s not for everyone – that’s ok. But if you are bothered about being online, you shouldn’t be happy with this. Visitors may even think you’ve ceased trading. Imagine turning customers away the second they walk in…

A modern, professional site ✅

A modern website is a necessity in the new digital world we find ourselves in. But it’s not just having a website that’s important. A website that represents your brand, is optimised for the growing mobile audience and has relevant, important info about your company? That’s the ticket.

What it says about you
You want to show the world what you can do. Building your business and getting your services seen by the right people is a priority. You’re a modern business that understands the digital world and values communication with its audience. Go you!

Random colours, fonts and images ❌

It can be easy to go crazy during the design process and throw in some lovely looking fonts and colours. But people expect to see something recognisable and we love a consistent brand identity. People may enter your website and not be sure they’re in the right place.

What it says about you
You have a scattergun approach to branding. Maybe you aren’t proud of what you do, or don’t really care about your own identity. Gulp.

Logo, colour scheme and imagery matching your branding ✅

Showing off your brand name with pride and matching any other branding is a must for your website. It lets people know they’re in the right place, most importantly, but also shows a level of care for your brand identity. The more committed you are to your brand, the more memorable you will become.

What it says about you
You own your brand. Your branding is wicked and you want to tell the world about it. From the logo all the way to the random social media post, you’ve got this.

Irrelevant content, not specific to your business ❌

Investing in a swanky new website will be great for your business, and you will definitely reap the benefits. But, if you don’t fill it with the right content – you’re going to be in trouble.

Poor copy or low-quality imagery can put people off and make a bad first impression to your visitors. There’s no doubt that spelling mistakes, irrelevant information and dodgy photoshops are not going to do you any favours when trying to show off your brand.

What it says about you
You’ve got a good website, but it’s impersonal. You might have not got around to getting the copy or images sorted properly, but you just wanted to get your website live anyway. You may be doing more harm than good.

Relevant, up to date content about YOU ✅

By using great copy and high-quality images, you can make your website pop. Standing out from the crowd is important in the modern market and personal, professional content built around your business goals benefits both you and your customers.

What it says about you
You value your brand, the people behind it and want to talk to your audience rather than at them. This goes a long way to building a relationship with a potential new customer.

As a web design agency, it’s our job to make sure your business is represented as well as possible online. But, there is no one size fits all solution. If you’re unhappy with your website or how it is performing – let’s chat.

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