The website trends we’re watching in 2023

As the end of 2022 is fast approaching, we’ve been studying what 2023 has to offer in the world of web design, and how we can best help our customers achieve more from their websites.

The world of technology moves at a very high pace. What’s an essential must-have feature in 2020, could be redundant by 2023 – replaced by something even better, or maybe just with more bells and whistles.

We’re always looking to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to new features and trends that are taking hold within our industry. Our customers know that if there’s something we think would make their site even better, they’re going to hear about it.

With that in mind, here are some of the biggest things you’ll hear us shouting about more in 2023 and beyond.

Mobile first

Mobile first is a development style that – yep, you guessed it – prioritises mobile design over desktop. This means that the actual design of your site is optimised for mobile web viewers, and then scaled up for those viewing on a tablet or desktop.

You might think that’s not a huge deal. But what it actually delivers is very valuable. With more web traffic coming via mobile, it’s not just about having a responsive, mobile-friendly site anymore – but rather a website specifically built and tailored for use on mobile.

Commonly these websites will also load considerably faster than their desktop-first brethren and therefore be very useful in retaining visitors, reducing bounce rates and gaining better SEO scores.

User-focused design and experience

We’d like to think that if you’re considering working with a web design agency, you’ve understood that design and user experience are integral. Creating a user-focused experience that makes viewing your website pleasurable rather than a fiddly headache should be a priority.

If your website loads too slowly, you’re going to lose traffic. If it’s hard to navigate, you’re going to lose potential leads. If customers can’t contact you when they have the desire to do so, they probably won’t bother at all.

We know the tricks of the trade to help increase conversion rates and keep your visitors scrolling for longer. We do this by creating simple, easy-to-use websites that look the part, but also stop your potential customers from falling through the net due to the problems above.

WhatsApp/live chat integrations

On the subject of contacting businesses via their website, we need to talk. And so do customers. Our customers benefit from WhatsApp integrations that send new leads directly to the mobile phone of business owners.

Another option is the inclusion of a live chat function via a third-party plugin that allows you to communicate with your web visitors when they land on your website and start a conversation that could turn into business.

Often, a web visitor may not want to commit to a phone call or wait for a reply to a contact form enquiry. These integrations offer a middle ground – letting a customer who is on the fence talk to a human (you!) and get the answers they’re looking for, without having to pluck up the courage for a phone call.

Remarketing integrations

You’re shopping online. Decide not to buy something, and all of a sudden you see it advertised everywhere. That’s remarketing, and it’s a big part of many businesses digital marketing strategies.

Whether it’s Google Ads, Facebook or AdRoll – there are loads of remarketing options out there for businesses that want to increase conversion rates.

We build nearly all of our websites on the versatile, industry-preferred platform WordPress. That means you’ll be able to integrate all of the above remarketing strategies with ease.

Cyber security from Cloudflare

Cyber security is only getting more important. Since the war on Ukraine began, it’s been thought that the UK and other western countries are at increased risk of cyber threats.

The benefits of Cloudflare’s cyber security are huge – and they’re already being felt by some of our clients who have chosen to invest in the add-on we offer.

You get great security, speed and reliability for your website and increased SEO rankings for international searchers. This is a huge plus for businesses with international operations, but also is just really useful for any businesses that value their website being live with minimal downtime and risk of attack.

Wanna know a secret?

Freestyle Digital do all of these things. That’s right – we’re so 2023, and it’s not even arrived yet.

We’ve helped customers all over the UK build websites that are completely bespoke, expertly developed, look AMAZING, and they’re proud to shout about too.

Talk to our team now to get started on your website refresh for 2023.

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