School of UX: Web Designers Review

We thought it was about time Sam got his school trousers back on.

We sent our resident designer Sam back to school! Well, not quite, but he has recently attended the School of UX in London where he learnt about the entire process of User Experience & User Interface Design – starting from the research stage and progressing all the way through to producing user-friendly, beautiful websites.

Here’s what Sam had to say:

“I learnt about all aspects of the UX design process including researching, wire-framing, prototyping and user testing. I also learnt about UX design philosophy and the 4 fundamental concepts to create a well-executed experience.”

“On the last day, I got the chance to put everything I had learnt to the test. Initially, we focused on creating an interactive prototype. This was a really useful exercise, but the highlight of my day has to be the end of course test. We all took part in a knockout-style quiz, putting everything we had learnt to the test, with the winner being the ‘Last Man Standing.’ I’m proud to say that out of the 20 participants I came out on top! And in doing so I won access to professional user research and testing facilities, including contributions from the likes of BBC, McLaren, DropBox and Google.”

But how has it helped?

“Overall, the UX course was so informative & applicable to my work here at Freestyle. I have genuinely learnt so much about User Experience Design and I really feel like it’s brought my designer ability to new heights. The course was run by industry expert Sergei Golubev. With 15+ years’ experience working as a UX & UI designer, with the likes of British Gas & Microsoft, the exclusive techniques & industry secrets he taught are simply invaluable. They’re going to make a real difference to my design process and methodology. It’s given me a refreshed approach to my design work as I’m now able to build beautiful design concepts that will also offer users the best possible experience – I can’t wait to show off what I learnt!”

If you are in need of a beautiful, responsive website that looks as good as it performs, give Freestyle a shout on 023 8000 0212.

Some snaps from Sam

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