Recipe for a perfect website in 2023

Let us dig out our chef whites. We’re going to help you cook up a storm.

When you decide to work with a web design agency, they’re going to help you create something special. That’s their job, after all.

But there are a few important elements to a website that are often forgotten by clients. Without them, the impact of your new website could be a lot weaker.

If we’re to consider building a website being like a recipe, we’re here to explain all the ingredients that are going to make the best cake. Try not to get too hungry whilst reading.


It’s all well and good having a website that looks the part – but if it’s reading poorly and you’re not keeping visitors interested, it’s not going to convert.
Engaging copy that tells a story and hooks the reader is vital in helping your website achieve more success for your business.

Gone are the days when text was just something that filled gaps on a website – you’ve only got a few seconds to impress in the modern day, and great copy is going to help that conversion rate creep up.

We understand that many companies feel like copy is an extra cost, and will often consider completing it in-house. But if the end results are bad, you’re reducing the value you’ve received for an investment into a new website.


What are people’s eyes drawn to first when they visit a website? Pictures.

If your website is full of rubbish imagery, it’s going to immediately impact your chances of generating a response from your visitor. But if it’s full of beautiful imagery that’s been taken by a professional, they’re going to be much more interested in scrolling on down.

Imagery can be hard to source within certain industries, and we know that stock imagery isn’t for everyone. When you work with us, we work hard to get the best imagery we can throughout your website. Whether that’s by utilising our stock library or putting you in touch with our network of professional photographers – these images are going to be essential during your build.

Branding guidelines

Having a brand is one thing. Keeping it consistent is another. With so many stakeholders, it can often feel like business owners aren’t in control of how their company is presented to the big wide world.

Branding guidelines allow you to stick to a regimented formula when you’re creating marketing materials, either for digital or print use. They can be shared with employees and help keep everyone on the same page when they’re representing the business.

When it comes to building your website, having brand guidelines that exist makes our designer’s job simpler, and helps you get a better website faster.

If you haven’t got any? We can help you create some that will help you within your website project and beyond.


More than just your logo, brand guidelines will also contain information on typography that should be used across your platforms.

If you’ve got a pre-determined set of fonts that you always use, we need to know. This ensures that your new website is in keeping with your existing guidelines and is going to look the part.

However, we are designers. When we take on a project, we will take a holistic look at your brand and how we can best represent it. This sometimes means we like to suggest alternatives to fonts or typefaces, that help make the website look even better.

Colour scheme

Using the wrong colours can instantly lose your brand identity and make audiences question their familiarity with your business.

It’s integral that you have a colour scheme in place for use on your new website. Similarly to brand guidelines and typography, our design team can work from your existing colour scheme to match your existing architecture and present a recognisable, trustworthy brand to your visitors.

But – if you think it’s time for a refresh, we can take care of that too.

You’ve got the recipe – now you need a chef

AA Rosettes, Michelin stars, you name it – we haven’t won them. But what we have achieved, we believe, is pretty cool.

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses create an online presence which is not only a beautiful, bespoke and effective, but made up of all the right ingredients, with a few cherries on top for good measure.

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