Most Expensive Keyword in the UK?

Sometimes it can be an expensive game. But this is astonishing…

What is the most expensive keyword in the UK on Google Ads? Well, it’s a good question. Back in 2018, the guys over at Wordstream got a report together of what they believed to be the most expensive keywords around, in terms of cost per click, in the UK.

We think they missed a trick.

The article here, states that Casino keywords, on average, have the highest cost-per-click in the UK, coming in at just under £60. Since they only had an ‘average’ cost for a broad keyword term, we delved a little deeper to see which casino keywords really break the bank!

  1. Slotgames – £82.73
  2. Online slots – £80.74
  3. Online Casino – £72.06

Paying £80 to get somebody to click on your slots advert is pretty crazy right? We agree.
But there is one industry which everybody seems to be overlooking which has an even more obscene cost-per-click then online casinos/slots…

Where Freestyle work with a wide variety of different clients to build responsive websites and develop marketing campaigns, we really have seen it all in terms of keywords. Recently, we have been working with a client from the IT support industry, which is how we discovered these ultra-high-costing keyword terms…

Enter ‘Help-Desk Support.’

The cost of a single click on Google Ads for the keyword ‘Help desk software’ will set you back a staggering sum of £102. And if that’s not enough ‘best help desk software’ will set you back £110.

Here are the 3 most costly keywords we could find, for the service desk industry:

  1. Best help desk software – £110
  2. Help desk software – £103
  3. Service desk software – £77.42

Instances like this show that you really need to take care when choosing your target keywords for pay-per-click campaigns, otherwise your advertising budget could be looking rather extortionate before long…

If you are confused by keywords or worried you aren’t maximising your ad-spend give Freestyle a shout on 023 8000 0212 and we can get the ball rolling on a highly effective & transparent advert campaign. Optimal keywords are always well researched & carefully selected in order to create the perfect, fully tailored campaign for your business.

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