Don’t scare customers away with an insecure website.

Google now displays all unencrypted websites (with no SSL certificate) as “not secure”, in Google Chrome, their web browser. This is their latest effort in an attempt to stop hackers from getting their hands on your personal information. Score one to the good guys!

When a website is not secure (HTTP), the user will be prompted by an alert the address bar, which looks like this:




Not only does this sound a bit scary, but it also risks making your company look less credible.  A “not secure” website is enough to make anyone scarper, so make sure your website is secure, by encrypting it with an SSL certificate.

What on earth is a HTTP/HTTPS site?

HTTP sites are unencrypted, which makes it much easier for prying eyes to see sensitive information being passed over the internet. HTTPS websites are encrypted (the letter S stands for “Secure”), meaning the information you type is protected.

You can see whether a site is HTTP or HTTPS by looking at the search bar at the top of the page:




But don’t panic! At Freestyle, we encrypt all of our websites, making them safe for your customers to use.

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